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Luxembourg is a beautiful country sandwiched among Germany, France and Belgium. The country has one of the highest quality of lives, second richest in the world in GDP per capita, and one of the most expat friendly nations in the world; roughly half the Luxembourg population are expats.

Luxembourg boasts a thriving finance, legal, and emerging tech industry. It has an advanced economy, and only a 6% unemployment rate, which is one of the lowest. There are a number of higher education options in Luxembourg. Importantly, with a thriving job market, upon graduation in Luxembourg, most students find full-time employment with a straight-forward work permit process. In addition, to become a naturalised Luxembourg citizen, you only need 5-years of residence (reduced from 7-years). This is one of the lowest requirements in Europe to become a citizen. As a Luxembourgish, EU Citizen, one can work and travel across all the European Union countries. And Luxembourg’ passport is accepted in more than 150 countries for visa-free travel.

Now, lets get to the education part. University of Luxembourg is only about 20 years old, and is also ranked 20th in the World’s top young Universities by Times Education. Following are the list of Universities to check-in for higher education.

University of Luxembourg:

European Business University:

United Business Institutes:

BBI Luxembourg:

Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg:

Luxembourg School Of Business:

Business Science Institute:

LUNEX International University of Health, Exercise and Sports:

CASS European Institute Of Management Studies:
European Institute of Public Administration EIPA:

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