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38 Route d'Esch, LuxembourgPosted on 30 September 2022 by Oksana Polyanska

B2B: Dear Community, corporates, business institutions, entrepreneurs!
Here I would like to share with you the insights of art-advisor's job, my experience and observations which I do regulary on LinkedIn. gHope it will be useful and interesting.

According to FORBES, the work efficiency is 17% higher in the offices where the artworks & plants are present. #ArtInOffice is a power tool to affect your staff, clients as well as the cheapest way to add the refined touch to your office. Why & how it’s possible?! I’ll explain in a simple way and give a #lifehacks in the next posts on LinkedIn😉 But before I would like to encourage you to commission the professionals, because…
-      The amateur approach can spoil even the best ides. If you want to try and think you are ready to unpredictable consequences, delegate your T-ager kid to fill out your tax declaration at first. “I can do it by myself” – is not for that kind of services, except you have the multilateral expertise & experience in curatorial studies, psychology, tracing the trends in contemporary art, a feeling of suitability additionally to impeccable taste.
-      If you love adrenalin and ready to take the risk, remember that all the responsibility will be yours, because it supposed to be clearly visible. So, estimate its diapason from “great success” to “complete fall”. It doesn’t matter, are you an owner, CEO or employee, this quote will apply: “The doctor can bury the results of his experiments but not the architect”.
-      Finally, good news: it’s much cheaper than to host the temporary exhibition in your office than to re-paint the walls, but the effect is incomparably bigger as well as to pay an external provider for 1-time service than to employ a dedicated person. Especially when you really need it for special occasion, like new office opening or important meetings with clients/investors/partners. Afterwards based on measurable results and feed-backs, you can re-consider it for a long-term perspective.
Wish you a Happy Friday and wonderful week-end! 😊
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