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Posted on 28 October 2021 by BalkonSky

Have you long dreamed of a warm, functional and cozy balcony in your apartment? Experienced professionals of the "BalkonSky" company will make dreams come true. We will turn a cold and uncomfortable room into a study, a greenhouse, a recreation area, a nursery, or we will make it a continuation of an existing room. To start such a transformation, you just need to contact our consultants in Kiev. After that, our engineers will come to you, evaluate the range of work, make the necessary measurements and offer possible options for the implementation of the balcony repair.

A turnkey balcony is a complex of repair work that allows you to get a cozy and functional room from an uncomfortable, cold and / or dilapidated object. As a result, the balcony can be used as conveniently as possible for household needs (drying clothes, storing things), acting as a full-fledged room (office, recreation area) or becoming part of an adjacent living room.

The company specializes in the manufacture of plastic windows in Kiev. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of profile systems (German Rehau and Salamander, Ukrainian Open Teck and WDS), insulating glass units (Glasstrosch and Guardian), accessories (Maco, Siegenia, Vorne, Kale, Axor, etc.). Using these high-quality components, we immediately after taking measurements and confirming the order, we begin the manufacture of window structures, and then deliver them for installation at a convenient time for you. Our craftsmen perform professional installation and any other repair work. All this will allow you to get a comfortable balcony or loggia with attractive finishes and excellent protection against precipitation, cold, dust and street noise.


Cold balcony

If you are interested in arranging additional space for household needs, that is, drying clothes after washing or storing things, then the price for a turnkey balcony in Kiev will be as affordable as possible. In this case, increased thermal insulation requirements are not imposed on this room. What does this mean for the customer:

  1. inexpensive glazing can be performed using high-quality profile systems with an installation depth of 60 mm, single-chamber double-glazed windows and practical fittings;
  2. additional insulation of walls, floor, parapet is not required;
  3. as part of a comprehensive repair, finishing is performed, and preference should be given to materials that are not afraid of humidity and temperature fluctuations. The best choice is plastic panels or lining;
  4. additionally, the manufacture of dryers and / or storage furniture (cabinets, pedestals, etc.) is ordered.


Any homeowner wants the repair work on the balcony or loggia to be of high quality, fast and not too expensive. It would seem that some of this will definitely have to be sacrificed. But if you order a turnkey balcony in Kiev in the "BalkonSky" company, then in the shortest possible time and at a bargain price you can get really comfortable, cozy and functional square meters.

The so-called "warm" improvement is aimed at ensuring a comfortable air temperature all year round, which is important both when joining an adjacent room and when creating an independent functional space, for example, a study.

Balcony repair in this case includes:

  • installation of high-quality glazing with profiles (installation depth not less than 70 mm) and 2-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows;
  • implementation of high-quality insulation of walls, ceilings and floors. Thermal insulation materials such as polystyrene and styrodur are used. Installation of underfloor heating is also encouraged;
  • to increase the thermal insulation properties, it is recommended to perform external cladding with insulation;
  • be sure to carry out electrical work before finishing.
  • Even on a warm balcony, it can be carried out along the base slab, which makes it possible to increase its usable area.


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