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27 Rue Pierre Gansen, Differdange, LuxembourgPosted on 03 September 2021 by Team

In our Featured Story Series (FSS) we are delighted to have our next conversation with Milana Zoric, an accomplished psychologist, entrepreneur, mother and an expat.

LEN: Hi Milana, welcome to FSS. Share something about yourself:

Hi, my name is Milana Zoric, I am coming from Serbia, I lived in France for almost 10 years and I work in Luxembourg as psychologist in Cabinet Paramedical in Niederkorn.

LEN: What's your Luxembourg story? What brought you to Luxembourg, and how has life in Luxembourg been?

As my husband was a professional basketball player in France for a decade, sport brought us in this region, where we heard for the first time about Luxembourg. As he finished his studies in USA, his diploma allowed him to start a career in a banking world in Luxembourg. As I had until recently only a Serbian passport, and as I am a mother of small children far from my family (which is a common story in Luxembourg), for me it was complicated until I managed to have all the papers needed in order to find a job. Now that I have an EU passport and my Doctorate in Psychology recognized in Luxembourg, everything is in its place.

LEN: What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with Doctor
of Psychology?

As I am highly educated, I logically firstly wanted to find a job in Luxembourg, specifically in HR services. But as most of the offers were those for the full time positions, and as my husband already had a job like this, it was hard for me, but I refused most of the full time offers as I have small children and as I feel that inner responsibility to be there and create a balance in order to have a happy and healthy family. So I was searching for some part-time jobs until I realized that it’s not that easy to find it. Then, after some time, I simply decided to create my own business and actually restart doing what I already was doing in the past. And that’s psychotherapy and psychological counseling.

LEN: What services do you offer? Who are your targets?

Besides my Master and Doctorate University degrees, I have 6 years of education in psychotherapy approach called Transactional analysis and more than 10 years of experience in working with people by providing psychological counseling. I am targeting all the people who found themselves in some kind of complex life situations/people under the stress/people who want to reach their full potential in life throughout reaching the balance between different important roles in their life. As I am an active provider of organization called Workplace options, I usually work with people working in companies, but also very often with stressed moms or people who found themselves in some other types of everyday problems (communication problems, self-esteem issues, emotional struggles, family problems).

LEN: What are you most proud of in practicing psychological counseling?

Firstly, I am really proud that I succeeded in creating a balance between all the roles I find extremely important in life and those are the roles of mother, wife and a working women. As a consequent, I am proud that I can serve to my clients as an example of someone who succeeded to resolve some really complex life situations and give them all the tools to sort out complex psychological states of being.

Of course I am also proud that I can be in a service to all the people who need my help, and am satisfied by the fact that people are usually coming to my cabinet in one unpleasant state of being and stepping out almost every time with a smile and with that awakened strength they lost somewhere on their road.

I am proud and happy to have that opportunity to work with people in English, French and Serbian language, as well as to have an opportunity to work in person and online also.

LEN: What are your hobbies and interests?

Creativity is the value I appreciate a lot. As I finished a musical school when I was a child, music stays as an important value, so I love listening to music, dancing, and singing. I also adore running and sports in generally. I was always interested in cooking and healthy nurture so I am constantly reading about and creating some delicious, but at the same time healthy foods. I adore reading and I read always some literature in order to learn more about different ways to help people. As in Luxembourg we also have your own community which contains thousands of people coming from countries from Ex Yugoslavia, I profit from hanging out with my friends whose native language is the same as mine.

LEN: What's your favorite spot in Luxembourg?

Muller trail definitely as I adore spending time in nature with my family. But I will also never skip the sales in Cloche d’or or in City Concord, lol.

LEN: What are your top 3-recommendations for a new comer in Luxembourg?

1. Be ready for some huge changes in your rhythm and lifestyle.

2. Try to create your own zone of comfort where you will feel fine despite the high stress environment people are mostly facing.

3. Be unique and be yourself as it is highly appreciated in this international and multicultural country.

LEN: What's your favorite quote?

You must give in order to receive.

LEN: What would you say would be the recommendations of people who
want to start their own business today?

1. Creating a business definitely is not for everyone. You firstly need to have a very flexible mindset in order to adapt to all the risks, obstacles and hard times while creating your business.

2. In order to succeed, you need to create your own, unique personal and professional brand and if necessary search for some brand developing expert who will help you in that process.

3. Do something you really love, something that is driven by your own uniqueness and purpose.

4. Be patient, be open and try to connect in some way with as much people you can in order to enlarge your community. You can learn something from every single person you meet: from a lady in the bakery, from your clients as well as from you concurrency.

You can get in touch with Milana for fore information about the services:



Adresse: 27 rue Pierre Gansen Niederkorn

E mail adresse : milanaalincic@gmail.com

Phone number : +352 691 699 634

Milana Zoric on

LEN: luxembourgexpats.lu/local-business/business-to-business/1100000985

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/dr-milana-zoric-15637b181

Instagram: instagram.com/psyzoricmilana

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