LuxAdministration Group

By Diane Altzinger


LuxAdministration Group is a services and support provider to take on all your daily tasks and inconveniences in every area possible.

Not only a service provider but a partner to your family and company.

The mission of LuxAdministration Group is to provide tailored, quality support on time and within budget, take on all daily tasks and inconveniences and become a unique single provider for home and family care, relocation and business and administrative requirements.

We are your single unique point of contact for everything in your life.

Feel free and find out yourself, by choosing is, you free up lots of time to spend with your wife/husband, kids and pets or simply enjoy it by yourself.

Location: 33 Avenue J-F Kennedy, Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

Founded in 2015

+352 30 91 97

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33 Avenue J-F Kennedy, Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

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Diane Altzinger


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