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Embassy Service

By Maath Rahmah


Looking for a courier service for your legal documents to all embassies in Brussels?

We offer you EMBASSY SERVICE a courier service for all consular Affairs, apostille, documents legalization & visa.

This consular courier service is a courier service available to companies, notaries, and lawyers located in Luxembourg.

We take care of everything on behalf of our customers in Luxembourg for the legalization of documents and obtaining travel visas in Embassies in Brussels.

Our service:

  1. Pick up from Luxembourg.
  2. Delivery to the Embassy in Brussels.
  3. Pick up from the Embassy in Brussels
  4. Delivery back to Luxembourg.

Why you choose our service?

Peace of Mind

Focus on your core business,  we understand that doing with documents process for a foreign country can be difficult, let us do it for you correctly. 

Save time

It has been a pleasure not only saving our clients money but also time, the most valuable benefit of using our service.

Call +352661663663 or +32485708295 (WhatsApp)

Location: Liedekerke, Belgium

Founded in 2008


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