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By Dania Vandborg


We at have recently started our annual Christmas campaign offering you the chance to make a difference.

At we work with capacity building and helping the most vulnerable in Africa, South America and India. We all know that heroes need help sometimes, and this season we are one of them.

With each donation given in your name or someone else, you will receive a giftcard which you can plant in a flowerpot or your garden. Come spring time and you will see flowers sprouting as a reminder of your help securing better conditions for the vulnerable during this holiday season.

Your support can be contributed to one of the following initiatives:

1. 100€ To support the construction of wells and fountains in Kenya (Mention: Don wells Kenya)

2. 50€ Contribution to the health campaign in Cameroon (Mention: Cameroon health campaign)

3. 50€ To support the indigenous people of Brazil (Mention: Donation indigenous Brazil)

4. 125€ Contribution to a 6 month lunch mealplan for the youth in Guatemala (Mention: Don Guatemala)

5. 75€ Contribution to allocating seeds for the families in Congo (Mention: Donation
Semences Congo)

6. ...€ Contribute to either or all initiative with your own amount of donation

The how to:

Choose a solidarity gift  from the list above

Transfer  the amount of theselected solidarity gift to the Fondation Partage Luxembourg account: CCPL IBAN LU74 1111 1261 0097 0000.

Do not forget to write which cause you wish to donate the solidarity gift gift to on the transfer.

We will send you a “donation card” by mail. On this "donation card", you can insert the name of the person who will receive your solidarity gift and place it under the Christmas tree. The “donation card” is made up of seeded paper, that is, two thin layers of paper between which there are seeds. This "donation card" is made to be planted. If you make your transfer before December 17th, we guarantee that you will receive the "donation card" before Christmas.

You will automatically receive a donation certificate (approximately 5 to 6 weeks after receipt of the donation). Your donation istax deductible.

For more information, feel free to browse our website and to
reach out on socials.
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