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GADD & CIE - Investment and Portfolio Management Services

By Alexander de Habsbourg


  • Founded in 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland. Today we run 1 fund, along with 2 teams in 3 different countries and are proud of our over 30 years of history and heritage.
  • In Luxembourg, we invite everyone who wants to start saving by investing in our one and only fund, GADD SMP, performing at over 9% per year over the last decade while keeping a low risk profile - something rather unique and which we are very proud of!
  • You can drop by any time at our office, ideally situated in the center of Luxembourg city, or simply give us a call and ask for Alexander de Habsbourg to have a chat.
  • We joined the Luxembourg Expats community not only in order to offer our investment management services, but also to interact and learn from people from all career backgrounds. We live in a society that is constantly changing, meaning we all need to adapt to each other's wants and needs.

At the GADD & Cie office in Luxembourg, ideally situated near the Palais Grand-Ducal, we invite anyone and everyone to come join us for a coffee or a beer to discuss any matters regarding finance or the market in general. We would be delighted to get to know you and help you get to know us!

At GADD & CIE Luxembourg office,we invite the younger generation and elderly one to come join us at the office should you have any questions regarding finance or the market in general. Ideally situated near the Palais Grand-Ducal, we would be delighted to invite you for a beer or a coffee in our conference room and have some quality time and meaningful conversations.

Location: 4 Rue de l'Eau, Luxembourg

Founded in 1989

+ 352 26 26 74 30

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4 Rue de l'Eau, Luxembourg

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Alexander de Habsbourg



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