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Eulalia Codipietro

Mindset I Self-empowerment for Career-oriented Women I Career Transition & Reinvention I Expat I Post-divorce

I help career-oriented women transition, reinvent and go through their careers while overcoming life challenges so that they persist and continue their career growth without derailing from their path of professional fulfilment.

With more than 20 years of work experience in Luxembourg, transitioning into different industries and roles, while moving from employee to freelance to entrepreneur, transitions and reinvention have no secrets to me! I have already helped many do the same.

I am a self-driven individual, moving forward with joy and loving to grow, expand perspectives and take action. My founding values are self-worth, excellence, integrity, and effectiveness.

I love to get my coachees reach their results in the most effective way, while creating a positive experience for them

Location: 2510 Strassen, Luxembourg

Founded in 2023

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2510 Strassen, Luxembourg

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