Greater Good - Mental Health Coaching & Consulting

By Laura Lane


At Greater Good we believe improving mental health is a collective effort.

That's why we work with individuals, groups and organizations to create more inclusive spaces for everyone to be heard, to grow, and to flourish.

We offer:

One-to-one coaching to support your mental health and well-being, using a blend of positive psychology and compassion-based techniques.

Group workshops and training to help you improve your psychological and emotional well-being and provide a supportive community in which to learn and grow.

Organizational consulting to develop mental health initiatives that support the unique profile of your business, including designing education and awareness programs on risks to mental health at work, working with you to incorporate mental health strategies and metrics into your business planning, and offering group workshops and coaching on a variety of mental health topics.

Location: Helmsange Walferdange, Luxembourg

Founded in 2024

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Helmsange Walferdange, Luxembourg

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