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Alexandra Barancova - Sophrology Practitioner and Life Coach

By Alexandra Barancova


Working with adults and adolescents: guiding you through difficult situations such as changing of career, problems in relationships, chronic illness, grief, communication problems, management of stress, sleeping problems, preparation for exams or competitions, in the process of accepting the change in your life etc.

Sophrology is a method that uses mind - body connection in order to install harmony and well-being in one´s life. It includes physical and mental exercises that are practiced throughout several sessions. Sophrology helps to direct positive actions towards consciousness either in the form of images, words or sensations thus forming a positive dynamic in the whole human being.

Life Coaching is a supportive and encouraging work over personal and career challenges of a client with the aim to gain improvement in a specific area of life. With the help of life coaching, you will explore your own inner resources to achieve your goals, behavioural change, to shift perspective and overall self-improvement.

Chronic pain management: Learn relaxation techniques and effective strategies to manage your pain and improve quality of your life.

Languages spoken: English, French, Slovak

Location: 8 Rue de Mamer, Kehlen, Luxembourg

Founded in 2022


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8 Rue de Mamer, Kehlen, Luxembourg

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Alexandra Barancova



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