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Egle Adamonyte, Counselor&Holistic Coach

By Egle Adamonyte


My counseling and coaching sessions are based on mind and body awareness. I incorporate psychology, psychosomatic, coaching and art therapy practices and we look into Your body and mind in an integral manner (holistic approach).

I help overcoming self-doubt, self-sabotage, (body) confidence issues, low self-esteem, destructive mindset, anxiety, panic attacks, in times of difficult emotional state, crisis, choices and health issues when the medicine cannot give the answers.

My fields of expertise: cognitive and psychosomatic issues.

Also, my aim is to evoke Your creativity, motivation, sense of freedom, joy and confidence in making decisions and taking actions in order to achieve and create what is important for You and live Your authentic life.

With love&support


IG: Egle I Creative Counseling


Location: Parc Merl, Rue de Bragance, Luxembourg

Founded in 2020

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Parc Merl, Rue de Bragance, Luxembourg

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Egle Adamonyte



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