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Györfi Communication advisory

By Györfi Communication Advisory Luxembourg


Györfi is a communication advisory firm to help businesses to solve conflicts at work and guide individuals in their relationships, dating or divorce with the help of verbal and non-verbal communication tools.

Györfi Communication advisory helps you with practical and tailored sets of advice on how to make the best experience out of your human relations like solving conflicts at work - with a business partner, a colleague or within a team, improving your negotiation skills, restore your communication during divorce, build a happy relationship at home, take a chance to save your marriage or understand and move on after your divorce.

As a result of a combination of focus on one specific goal defined by you and of targeting this latter with practical advice, we can efficiently tackle the problem within 3-5 sessions. No more endless consultations for you.

Clue Sport is our special offers for our clients to meet up at an outdoor venue and make a walk / run / biking or other sport together while talking about communication solutions.

Location: 9 Rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Luxembourg

Founded in 2019

+352 621 436 501

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9 Rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Luxembourg

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Györfi Communication Advisory Luxembourg



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