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The Listener

The most desperate need of men today is not a new vaccine for any disease, or a new religion, or a new ‘way of life’. Man does not need to go to the moon or other solar systems. He does not require bigger and better bombs and missiles. He will not die if he does not get ‘better housing’ or more vitamins. He will not expire of frustration if he is unable to buy the brightest and newest gadgets, or if all his children cannot go to college. His basic needs are few, and it takes little to acquire them, in spite of the advertisers. He can survive on a small amount of bread and in the meanest shelter. He always did.

His real need, his most terrible need, is for someone to listen to him, not as a ‘patient’, but as a human soul. He needs to tell someone of what he thinks, of the bewilderment he encounters when he tries[…]”

Excerpt From: Taylor Caldwell. “The Listener”.

Say Hi to Me is a free chat service from the Luxembourg Expats Network. Some of us, sometimes, want to talk to someone. Our team of volunteers can listen to you anonymously.

What's possible?

  • You want to chat with someone, confidentially. One of our volunteers can listen to you anonymously.
  • We respond whenever one of our team member is online.
  • We currently offer this only in English and we plan to add more volunteers in other languages.
  • This is a confidential chat and should be treated accordingly by both sides.

What's not possible?

  • No monetary, financial or health support provided.
  • Volunteers are not health counselors and are not qualified to provide any support.
  • We maintain strict confidentiality and we don't ask for personal information. Do not provide any and do not ask personal information.
  • Misbehaving, rude profiles will not be responded to.
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