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Say Hi to Me is a free chat service from the Luxembourg Expats Network. Some of us, sometimes, want to talk to someone. Our team of volunteers can listen to you anonymously.

What's possible?

  • You want to chat with someone, confidentially, and just share. One of our volunteers can listen to you anonymously.
  • We respond whenever one of our team members is online.
  • We currently offer this only in English and we plan to add more volunteers in other languages.
  • This is a confidential chat and should be treated accordingly by both sides.

What's not possible?

  • No monetary, financial or health support provided.
  • Volunteers are not health counselors and are not qualified to provide any support.
  • We maintain strict confidentiality and we don't ask for personal information. Do not provide any and do not ask personal information.
  • Misbehaving, rude profiles will not be responded to.
Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Founded in 2021

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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