Auto Ecole Yann / Driving School

By Yann Lemaire



We would like to present to you our driving school located in Capellen, which has also newly opened in Gasperich!

We offer english theoretical lessons, as well as english practical lessons.

If you choose to be accompanied by us in your journey of obtaining your driving licence (car and/or motorcycle), we will do our absolute best to prepare you for your exams and the streets!;)

To thank the Expats Community for the invitation in this group, we will offer you the inscription fee (60 € ).

If you have any questions please contact us for more information!

Tel: 691 444 860   


We hope to see you soon!  

Auto Ecole Yann

Location: 43 Route d'Arlon, Capellen Mamer, Luxembourg

Founded in 2017


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43 Route d'Arlon, Capellen Mamer, Luxembourg

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Yann Lemaire


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