Custowner® Mobility

By Norbert Pálfalvi



Build a better mobility system that accelerates to move away from car ownership and supports the transition to people-centric cities.

What we do?

Based on a social cooperation structure, we build the mobility fleet network (e-bike and car subscription).You can forget every hassle with the usual car and bike ownership (service, insurance, tax, tire swap).

What we offer?

You can easily participate this social movement as a partner (owner and user too). You get a better and flexible mobility service for an affordable price... you can pick up the bike or a car locally.

What are the benefits?  .

As a community we can support the transformation of our mobility system and save our environment! Less cars, pollution and parkings, more green parks and healthier people.

Local Mobility Solution:

For daily commuting:

1. E-bike (different models)

2. Small ev (2 VW e-up available)

On-demand rental:

3. Tesla (Model Y)

4. Cargobike and electric moped (2024)

5. Minibus (already in the fleet) - 7-seats

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Location: Luxembourg

Founded in 2020

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Norbert Pálfalvi


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