Let'z Learn Luxembourgish

By Tania Hoffmann


Luxembourgish coaching and lessons at your ease

Do you already have prepared your list of New Year's resolutions for 2023?

What about learning Luxembourgish?

New year's offer: Pay only 3 of your first package of 4 online lessons.

* Booking must be done before January 20, 2023

* Offer depending on available spots. 

You may learn a new language and book one-to-one
lessons or in small groups for Luxembourgish
with an experienced teacher and translator.
You may even learn while staying at home, via
videoconference and Skype.
The lessons will be organised and drawn up
corresponding your needs so that you will be
able to use the new language as soon as possible.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any
further information.

My qualifications:
Accredited trainer - Ministère de l'Education Nationale
Certified Luxembourgish Language trainer - Uni.lu
Advanced Neurolanguage Coach for Luxembourgish


Location: Perl, Germany

Founded in 2012

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Perl, Germany

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Tania Hoffmann



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