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By Team@LuxExpats


Our insurance agency offers personalized advice and professional service.
We guarantee you tailored insurance, pension and savings advice.


Insurance - Provident - Wealth

Complete and flexible solutions that meet your needs and are adapted to your life cycle to house and live serenely, move, protect your health, prepare for retirement, save and protect your family and create an inheritance.

Assurfinance Optimization Review - An Exclusive of Your Home Agent

We carry out, in close collaboration with you, a free assessment of your situation. We study your current insurance and savings needs, analyze your future projects and advise you on all means at your disposal to optimize your situation.

This gives you the best protection you need, without the risk of a nasty surprise. We also help you optimize possible tax deductions, in connection with your insurance.

Assistance and advice:

In the event of a disaster:

we are at your side to reassure you and help you in the first steps. You also benefit from the support services of Foyer, a team of experts who advise you 7 days a day 24 hours a day.

Vehicle registration:

Insure your car with our agency and we help you in your administrative procedures to register your vehicle.

Tax optimization:

we analyze your situation and advise you on the tax deductions of your insurance premiums, do not hesitate to contact us.

Fast service:

We issue your car's green card and insurance policy directly to the agency.

contact us :

Location: 2 Rue de l'Avenir, 1147 Luxembourg

Founded in 2016


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2 Rue de l'Avenir, 1147 Luxembourg

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