"Luxembourg’s personal income tax deductions" Webinar by Penning, Biermann & Associés for

Posted on 19 January 2023 by Team@LuxExpats
Start time:
23 March 2023 07:30 pm CET
End time:
23 March 2023 08:30 pm CET
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There isn’t much about taxes that gets people excited, except when it comes to the topic of deductions. For this reason, we are pleased to invite you to a free of charge Webinar (Videoconference) on the subject of:

 Luxembourg’s personal income tax deductions

•     Tax classes?
•      What are the expenses that I may deduct from my taxable income?
•      How do the deductibility work?
•      How can I claim my fiscal advantage benefits?
•      Q&A

Two different slots available :

>23 March 12.15
>23 March 18.30

The Luxembourg Tax Law allows that some expenses may be deducted from the taxable income allowing the taxpayer to make considerable tax savings.

However, tax laws are not always easy to understand. In less than an hour, our experts will be able to provide you all the possible solutions for your tax reductions.

During our webinar, the different tax benefits are explained in a clear and precise manner.

The participants will have the opportunity to get a free private consultation on tax optimization and tax return assistance.

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