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Vernissage "CITIES" paintings by Silvia Karamfilova

6 Bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg Posted on 14 January 2022 by Oksana Polyanska
Start time :02 February 2022 06:00 pm
End time :02 February 2022 09:00 pm
Event Venue :6 Bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg
Organiser :Art-Management


Fine Art Exhibition “CITIES” 2-28.02.2022 paintings by Silvia Karamfilova  

Vernissage 02.02.2022 at 18:00 in the presence of the artist & degustation of Georgian wine DaVinci Forum 6, Bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, 1330 

RSVP: / +352-661-311205  

About the artist:

Artist about the exhibition: Expar4expats

Cities are points of interaction, exchange, convergence or clash between various elements: thoughts, ideas, knowledge, commodities, skills, persons, interests, fortunes, desires, sensibilities, ideologies, and even stupidities. Buildings, windows, doors and other architectural elements are a veil drawn over life’s face. They are the places where all of us leave traces behind. I propose to you to try to lift that veil and go on to capture the spirit of the cities I have chosen to portray.  

The exhibition represents part of a cycle of paintings on which I began work in 2016, the inspiration for which originated from my experience of having lived in and travelled to different cities throughout my life. Although they do not represent an archeological attraction or a tourist guide, some of my interpretations have been inspired by real cities located in Europe, the
Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Others represent stylized images of cities synthesizing various
ideas and concepts. Still others try to capture our inherent aspiration to BEAUTY, LIGHT, PEACE and CREATION

Welcome to my cities…  

Location: 6 Bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg

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