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Posted on 07 May 2024 by Aga Goraczkowska


Hi all!

I already posted about this offer a while ago and found a person to have a tandem with but she is inavailable for a longer while now so I'm renewing my offer.

I am looking for a tandem partner (it means it's for free) and I can offer a German class and I am looking for a person to teach me French. 

It would be done every two weeks on a flexible schedule. I am a good teacher and would offer materials and a proper class but I'm expecting the same preparation 😇 It would be 45min German + 45 French so we would meet for around 1.5 hr. Details to be settled. 

My French level is A1 so don't worry about the difficulty ...

We can meet in Luxembourg, Esch or Bettembourgu - also TBC.

Looking forward to her from you!


Location: Luxembourg

I am your contact


Aga Goraczkowska



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