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Are you a lover of history and technology ?

Would you like to discover the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? A small country with a great history…

Discover the Virtual Reality experience, the brand new product integrated into our traditional Pétrusse Express attraction! During the ride, for just 15 minutes, take an unforgettable trip back in time and discover how a part of the city looked like and lived back in the 19th century.

Virtual Reality (VR) with the Petrusse Express – A journey into the past

The collaboration with the City of Luxembourg and Urban Timetravel, this innovation, supported by VR technology based on geolocation, allows you to see the past of exactly where you are, using virtual reality glasses.

On board the Pétrusse Express train, you will travel from the famous Casemates du Bock, Plateau du Rahm and Grund via “Muerbelsmillen”, a former mustard factory in the Pfaffenthal. From this point, you will have to put on the VR glasses to be taken on a 360-degree journey to various sights and tourist buildings. You will discover the narrow streets of the Pfaffenthal and see famous Luxembourgers as well as the inhabitants in their historical dress.

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Location: Bock Casemates, Montée de Clausen, Luxembourg

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