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5% Discount on Self-Empowerment-Healing OR Doula Services

Posted on 15 October 2021 by Marise


Claim 5% discount on any of my Women's Self-Empowerment Healing OR Preconception, Prenatal & Parenthood Doula Services

Claim your discount by quoting LUXEXPATDEAL upon booking here:

Women's Self-Empowerment Healing Services.

  • Heal & recode your past & limiting imprints from
    conception onwards to claim back your Power, free up life force energy
    & really start living once and for all!
  • Rapidly clear headtrash for flexibility, freedom, clarity, peace.
  • Deepen your connection to the real YOU and to your Heart & Soul
  • With the Birth into Being Method, Head Trash Clearance Method and more

Preconception, Prenatal & Parenthood Doula Services

Are you expecting a baby, thinking of being or already a parent?

New in Luxembourg/moving to Luxembourg and have tons of questions?

As Doula I provide Holistic Healing, Coaching and Education in
planning for an Empowered and Connected Pregnancy, Birth and parenthood

I specialize in:

  • Conscious Conception:
  • Emotional healing, wellness & resilience, mindset and fear-clearing
  • Empowering you in all your choices, each journey is unique
  • Preparing for birth & parenthood from the inside (emotionally, spiritually)
  • Dancing for Birth
  • Pre-birth into 4th-trimester holistic preparation for Newborn Sleep:
  • Equipping couples-to-be/new parents with connection, emotional and
    resiliency skills so their "babyproofed" relationship can lay healthy,
    loving foundations for their children from the start:
  • Read about all of my Doula Services here:

Sessions offered worldwide online, at my studio "Soulspace" in Helmsange or at your home in Luxembourg.

Location: Soulspace -, Rue du Nord, Walferdange, Luxembourg

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