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Premium spiced, dark chocolate Rhum for
€ 23

Cessange, Luxembourg Posted on 01 November 2021 by Jacqui Kim


There are no real words but I have a couple bottles of Tobago Rhum. Tobago is an island of Trinidad in the Caribbean and is a part of Trinidad which is few miles from Barbados and Jamaica in the exotic Caribbean. Lars Sorderstrom came up with the idea when he moved over to Trinidad from Sweden. He is a certified chocolatier and now owns a luscious 400 acre cacoa farm there (Trinidad) and he came up with this delicious blend of the best chocolate, exquisite spices and Rhum. If you are interested, give me a call. Individuals or wholesale distributor businesses are welcome to message me for information regarding Luxembourg. I partner with Anthony at Coverpoint in Brussels if you are in another EU area and have any questions.  Coverpoint

Thanks, Kim

Location: Cessange, Luxembourg

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Jacqui Kim



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