Stokke Sleepi Bed V3 / Convertible baby crib to full toddler bed for
€ 300

Aspelt, Frisange, Luxembourg Posted on 15 September 2022 by Agnes


The items are used but in good condition.

This item includes the Stokke Sleepi Bed, three Sleepi mattresses, and mesh liners.

"The crib that grows with the child: Your baby's crib is the heart of your nursery. It should be beautiful, functional and above all, safe and soothing for your little one. Made of solid European beech wood, with adjustable height, Stokke® Sleepi™ accommodates the changing needs of your growing child. ​ Soft oval design cocoons your baby offering comfort and familiarity for restful sleep and the sweetest of dreams. Stokke® Sleepi™ Bed can be used from birth to 5 years so your child can enjoy their bed throughout childhood. ​ Adjust the height position of the mattress as your child gets bigger and reaches the curious climbing stage. Once your child is old enough to get in and out of the bed on their own, you can remove the wheels and one side of the bed for easy access. This will boost your child’s independence as well. ​The Stokke® Sleepi™ concept has been developed with sound sleep and safety in mind by Scandinavian designers.​"

Location: Aspelt, Frisange, Luxembourg

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